Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some motivational interviews

I don't often post to outside links, but found some recent interviews by Paul Petersen, my good friend and Utah training partner, that I wanted to share. Paul is an amazing runner (2 time marathon OTQ, and he was the 3rd overall American at Boston this year in 2:17). He is one of the most patient runners I know training-wise. And he is perhaps the nicest guy you will ever meet. I'm very glad for the time I spent running with him- I feel you really get to know someone while running, since all pretenses seem to disappear, and I have nothing but good things to say about Paul as a runner and person. I know my other Utah running buddies, Cody and Joe, would agree. My own training is modified from a schedule that Paul took the time to make for me many years ago, drawing heavily on the teachings of Tinman. I have modified it for trail ultras, of course (Paul is a fan of 2-3 hr fast long runs, not 4-6 hr slow long runs).

Anyways, I hope you read his interviews here and here.