Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buffalo Run 25k

What a great race, with lots of great, great people. Jim Skaggs does a nice job and makes a delicious buffalo stew at the end. Full race report write up on my FRB page. I'm not sure which I enjoyed more- the race, the stew, or all the people to meet and talk to at the finish. Great all around. Here are some photos:

Cody coming into the finish (yes, I know my lens is blurry- I just cleaned it)

The view towards the finish from 1 mile out

Nice view from the trail of the mountains and the Great Salt Lake

Token buffalo pictures with the Wasatch Mts in the background. Big boys.

Now I just have to keep getting healthier and get my butt in shape for a summer of great races, starting with Poky 50 in May. I sure have my work cut out for me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter in Dry Canyon, plus RR photos

I ran up the beautiful snow-packed Dry Canyon 3 times in 7 days. Very enjoyable and peaceful, plus some fun adventure falling into deep snow when your leg sinks in. Cody joined me for the last of the 3 runs. You can barely see the city of Logan at the top of the top picture (looking down the canyon towards the valley), and the other two are headed uphill towards Mt. Logan.

Here's a couple photos from Rocky Raccoon 100, as well, since I didn't post many.

The best crew in the world, Cody and Paul

Davy and myself at the start

Me, during the day sometime

Proof of bandits on the course!

Night running, probably around mile 80. Tired, but still moving. Of course, Cody will tell you that I never look happy in any race photos! I guess I just don't spend much precious energy smiling.

Cody and Paul took lots of great photos, but I never found one at the finish or shortly thereafter. I'll have to make sure we take a few of those at the Bear this year. I'm sure I smiled at least once at that point. Probably.