Friday, February 12, 2010

My first post, my first 100

I have long desired to have a public running blog for my occasional musings and race reports, as compared to my fastrunningblog which serves as my daily training log. Since I just finished my first 100 last weekend, I figured now was a good time to actually make a site.

I really enjoyed the Rocky Raccoon 100 last weekend and was happy to finish sub-20 hrs, especially given that I have been fighting some injuries and hardly ran over the last 6 weeks. I'm planning to continue running a smattering of trail races this spring and summer, culminating in my hometown Bear 100 this September. Onwards and upwards!

For the record, the name of this post comes from my distinctive (and somewhat ugly) green racing shorts. Believe it or not, I got them in high school when I worked in for a lawn mowing company, Green for Green, with my cross country coach. For some reason, he bought some very short green shorts for us to wear on occasion. I hid them away, but them found them a few years later and made them my official racing shorts. They have brought me good luck in the past and hope they will continue to do so.