Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter in Dry Canyon, plus RR photos

I ran up the beautiful snow-packed Dry Canyon 3 times in 7 days. Very enjoyable and peaceful, plus some fun adventure falling into deep snow when your leg sinks in. Cody joined me for the last of the 3 runs. You can barely see the city of Logan at the top of the top picture (looking down the canyon towards the valley), and the other two are headed uphill towards Mt. Logan.

Here's a couple photos from Rocky Raccoon 100, as well, since I didn't post many.

The best crew in the world, Cody and Paul

Davy and myself at the start

Me, during the day sometime

Proof of bandits on the course!

Night running, probably around mile 80. Tired, but still moving. Of course, Cody will tell you that I never look happy in any race photos! I guess I just don't spend much precious energy smiling.

Cody and Paul took lots of great photos, but I never found one at the finish or shortly thereafter. I'll have to make sure we take a few of those at the Bear this year. I'm sure I smiled at least once at that point. Probably.


  1. nice pictures! i am so excited for all the snow to melt.

  2. p.s. we need to do some major redesigning on this blog. :)

  3. cool pics, and good luck at the bear; i'll look forward to hearing about it.

    (and if you think getting pictures of you smiling is hard, try getting people to get pictures of you heel-clicking at a finish line...)

  4. I can imagine- you almost have to stage that picture!

  5. Jon-
    you mentioned on fastEd's site that you had a friend doing a 100 on antelope this weekend. who is it, and are they running the 50 course solo before and then doing it as the race right after? Thanks and see you on the island.

    Erik Storheim

  6. Yes- Davy Crockett is starting the 50 mile course Friday night. He plans to finish it in time to run it again as part of the real 50 mile race. He's crazy like that. I think the RD might even give him an official 100 mile time.