Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughts on leaving Utah

Due to work, my family will be leaving Utah after 8 years and moving to Greenville, SC. While excited for the move, I am realizing more and more how much I will miss Utah, specifically running in the Bear River mountains around Logan. I have been very fortunate to live so close to some gorgeous and rather large mountains. I can leave my house at 4500 ft and take an almost unlimited number of trails up to almost 10,000 ft. In the past year, in particular, I have done more and more of my runs exclusively on trails, aided in part by my running partner, Cody. As any trail runner will tell you, having someone to run with allows you to go further and faster, and opens up many more route possibilities. It's safe to say I have now run more miles with Cody than with any other person in my running career.

I'm sure there will be some good trails in Greenville, but they certainly won't be as close, as long, or with the sweeping vistas I have enjoyed here. Logan is truly a trail runner's paradise, and I have been fortunate to enjoy it!


  1. Bummed to hear it is official, hopefully your training is still going well and I really look forward to seeing you at the vaquero and the bear!

  2. Dude, here I am looking you up to see if you might be interested in pacing me at Wasatch, and I see 1) you're running the Bear the weekend after, and 2) you're skipping town. Guess that answered that!

    Anyway, congrats on your recent run at Grand Mesa and on your impending move. Oh, and if you know of anyone in the SLC area that might be interested in pacing 25/30 miles at Wasatch, please let me know: nicholasaclark at hotmail.

    Cheers and good luck with the move!

    Nick Clark

  3. Nick- I would definitely be interested... if I weren't moving. Yup, I'll already be in SC during Wasatch. I'll pass the message on to a few locals I know who might be interested and capable, and pass on the word if anything comes up. I tried to negotiate a later starting date (i.e. after the Bear, so I wouldn't lose my altitude training), but they wanted me to start in August.

    Good luck at Wasatch! Looks like you and Luke will be two of the frontrunners. And if you ever need a pacer on the East Coast, look me up.

  4. sorry to hear you're leaving Cache Valley. My sister lives in Nibley and being from Utah I know what you're talking about "big mountains and trails right out your front door" SC can't offer that but it can offer a little humidity and a lot of green... See you at The Bear