Friday, September 2, 2011

Sore back and other joys

Most years, I reach peak mileage of 80-105 mpw and hover around there for 5-10 weeks. I can tell when that time has arrived simply by how I feel. Generally, my legs feel fine, other than a few spectacularly-unenergetic runs every so often. Instead, the muscles in my back and neck get sore. Real sore. All the time. In Utah, my shoulders and neck were the worst, probably from my desk at work, which I would treat mainly with monthly massages. In South Carolina, my mid-back is the worst, from the middle all the way to the very sides over my ribs. You wouldn't think you have enough muscle to have a huge knot on your ribs under your arm, but, yowzaa! It hurts! I haven't had a massage in a year, but will be getting one before UROC. It seems strange to tell the masseuse to focus on my back, rather than my 100 miles-per-week legs, but that's what I do.

There are a few other symptoms of high mileage for me, though. I can't sleep- I'm tired in the evenings, but wake up very early in the mornings, even on days I can sleep in. My previously-increasing appetite tends to level off, resulting in me losing a few pounds. On top of this, my running clothes seem to always stink (especially in this hot, humid climate- imagine that) and hair always seems to appear on my face, coinciding with my key races.

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