Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why I run

My month-long break from work is ending, during which I enjoyed being a full-time trail runner. As I look back, I would like to share why I love trail running. But I think pictures explain it far better than words. The following photos are all from my runs this summer.

View from mile 4 of my recent race, near Afton, WY

Descending into the clouds. Same location as above photo.

Perfect singletrack for running on a mountain- Stump Hollow trail near Logan

Running buddy Paul Petersen enjoying the view of High Creek Lake, near Logan

View from Crags Crest on the Grand Mesa, CO, as seen at mile 6 of a recent race. The trail runs along the ridge top.

Cache Valley 4000 feet below me, as seen from the Wellsville Mountains

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